Geo-searching is the combination of text search and geographic constraints, enabling users to find what they want, where they want.

SearchArea is a technology solution specifically designed to support the challenges of geo-searching.
The future of web search
Geo-searching is the next wave in search engine technology. Discover the annotated planet.

  • NASA adopt SearchArea for use on their Global Change Master Directory Project
  • Updated demos include integration with Google Earth for 3d visualisation of search results
Try an online Demo
Visit the demos section of the site and:
  • Discover scientific studies from around the world using data supplied by NASA
  • Search for websites around the UK.
The SearchArea solution
SearchArea is Inperspective's geo-search engine, designed to support massively scalable applications. A highly optimized kernel combines state-of-the-art algorithms from the worlds of Information Retrieval (IR) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
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